Caldwell & Walsh Building Construction, Inc.

Centrifuge, Columbia University  |  New York, New York

Caldwell & Walsh coordinated and managed the construction of a facility for this geotechnical centrifuge. The scope of work included an intricate 6’-0” deep anchoring system for the 50,000 lb. centrifuge, as well as the circular, reinforced concrete and steel walls and ceiling that surround the machine.  Accelerating at forces up to 200 g’s, the walls and ceiling are designed and built to protect the adjacent space from the rare threat of damage caused by the centrifuge breaking apart or tearing away from its anchoring system. The centrifuge rests above a concrete ductwork cooling system that balances the heat exerted while in use.


Caldwell & Walsh was glad to be a part of this project, as it will enable Columbia’s Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics to expand its experimental research and testing capabilities for topics of research including landslides, mud/debris flow, earthquake hazards, and soil-structure interactions.  This centrifuge is ranked as one of the best in the world, and is the largest on the East Coast.


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