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Church of the Holy Apostles  |  New York, New York

This historic church presented us with some unusual structural problems after a fire damaged a significant portion of the building. Built nearly 200 years ago, the church has load-bearing masonry walls faced in brick, and large timber framing making up the structural system. The fire had damaged or destroyed the major structural elements of a portion of the roof. To stabilize the structure, we replaced all damaged structural members with new laminated beams, one at a time, while carefully transferring the load to other support members. Once this structural work was completed on the interior, we installed a new roof, rebuilt the spire, and replaced the shingle roof with a slate and copper one. We also cut and pointed the brickwork on the facade, and replaced or repaired many sandstone blocks on the exterior. With the structure fully restored and stable, we began the final phase of the work on the interior, removing the joists and flooring, excavating and pouring new foundations, and replacing the old floor with new structural decking and concrete slabs. This extensive damage demanded that the work of multiple trades be carefully planned. It was carried out over a two year period in close coordination with the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission.

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