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Flagship Branch at Danbury  |  Union Savings Bank, Danbury, Connecticut

Caldwell & Walsh was delighted to bring together the design-build team that planned and constructed this multi-million dollar flagship branch location for Union Savings Bank. As a client of more than twenty years, we were proud to help the Bank realize their success by revitalizing a dilapidated portion of one of Danbury, Connecticut’s major thoroughfares. This highly visible bank branch replaced a small branch location that opened in 1982. The existing branch (ten feet away from where the new branch sits) remained open throughout construction of the new steel framed and brick structure. Due to the fact that the site has a high water table, the entire basement (slab and walls) was treated with a rubberized waterproof membrane prior to the concrete slab being poured to guarantee a 100% dry, usable basement.


This building includes a full-service branch, board room, and offices for the bank’s trust, investment and residential mortgage departments. Its training facility has seating to accommodate more than one hundred employees. On each of the three floors, the bank pays homage to its past and roots in Danbury. A door from the bank’s first vault and photographs of the City’s history can be found in the building. Also included are a triple drive-up with two lanes for teller services, a combination drive-up window, and drive-up and walk-up ATMs to serve the public.


The decision to build was made before an economic downturn. While banks across the country struggled during this time, Union Savings Bank forged ahead to build for the future. The plan was executed and gave the design-build team, bank employees, City officials and other members of the community numerous reasons to celebrate the opening. This project is a significant revitalization that solidified the Bank’s commitment to its customers, employees, and community. The new building and landscaped grounds are a welcome change from the abandoned gas station and residential parcels of property that once occupied the site.


Since first contracted by Union Savings Bank in 1990 to construct The Galleria in Danbury, Connecticut, we continue to proudly assist with their construction needs as they seek to provide the most up-to-date products, technologies, and services.


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