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Skull Surgery Teaching Laboratory  |  Cornell University Weill Medical College, New York, New York

These simulated surgical suites focus on surgical methods of the skull. Under the direction of Dr. Antonio Bernardo, techniques are taught and performed on cadavers, providing the most realistic conditions. Working with both the Cornell Department of Design and Construction and the in-house Engineering Department, we collaborated to ensure a timely turn over while meeting the engineering requirements of this space.


During the early stage of program review, Caldwell & Walsh provided exploratory work and a comprehensive analysis of the existing systems. This assessment was based on existing field conditions in conjunction with the new design that was planned.


Once construction commenced, all interior walls and mechanical systems were removed to allow for all new infrastructure to support the system requirements. An environmental cold room was added along with an independent air compressor, vacuum pump, and HVAC system. New acoustical ceilings, vinyl flooring, Corian work stations, lead lined doors and walls, as well as security and sound systems were also designed. The interior of the space was completed with six fully functional simulated surgical laboratory work stations, each complete with surgical table, lighting, a 3-D 50” HDTV with stereoscopic monitoring, medial air, vacuum, compressed air, and water outlets. The integration of 3-D visualization, robotically controlled microscopes, virtual reality, and computerized simulation provides neurosurgeons with realistic experiences and aids in the instruction of complex skills required for skull surgeries.

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