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Beth Israel Medical Center  |  Otolaryngology Department Operating Room, New York, New York

Caldwell & Walsh completed renovations to an existing operating room, designed and built in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the New York State Department of Health and Division of Health Facility Planning. In order to access the area without disruption to the eighteen fully operational operating rooms adjacent to the space, our crew created a temporary opening through an existing exterior wall, isolating the work space from the occupied area. For the duration of the project, security and protection were carefully coordinated in conjunction with the guidelines for contractors and construction safety program set forth by the hospital.


All interior walls, ceilings, and infrastructure were removed to allow for the installation of new medical gas equipment, anesthesia and medical equipment booms, as well as the HVAC medical systems including laminar flow air diffusers and new medical gas piping. Also installed were flat panel, touch control screens with high resolution video cameras to transmit to multiple viewing screens within the operating room and viewing gallery. The space is finished with Corian wall surfaces appropriate for a hygienic environment, fully recessed stainless steel cabinets and durable, sustainable rubber flooring. Caldwell & Walsh was able to complete this complex project, including Department of Health sign-off, two weeks ahead of schedule.


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