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Research Institute  |  Danbury Hospital, Danbury, Connecticut

This laboratory renovation is unlike most. It has no cubicles or offices within the lab space and includes the largest open-bench laboratory in the United States. Because it doesn’t keep its scientists isolated in separate offices, there is a greater collaboration among various disciplines. The shared space allows for a greater flow of information rather than risk people working on the same problem for years and possibly never speaking to each other.


Caldwell & Walsh was contracted as construction manager early in the design phase to contribute our expertise. Our extensive experience with laboratory facilities, familiarity with the City of Danbury municipal requirements, as well as our established rapport with Danbury Hospital enabled us to play a key role in the ensuring the extremely aggressive schedule was met. Through collaboration with all parties and working closely with the City of Danbury, phased permitting was allowed which expedited the project dramatically.

The space is divided into two components.  The first consists of office space, a state-of-the-art conference room and common areas.  The second is comprised of open lab and tissue culture rooms. The open lab is outfitted with movable benches to allow for maximum flexibility at short notice. When fully staffed, the laboratory can accommodate approximately 40 researchers. Most of the work, at present, concentrates on cancer research, cardiovascular research, and houses the Lyme disease registry for area patients with Lyme disease.


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