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Sacred Heart Church  |  Southbury, Connecticut

Expansion plans for this church called for additions at four different locations that were more like four small buildings. Each has a distinct function, appearance, and mechanical and electrical system. Replacement of all existing windows, doors, and the roof helped weave the new additions to the existing structure.  Locating the original brick used in 1954 helped blend the additions seamlessly.


The new business office addition includes a full basement which required underpinning of the existing structure. Expansions to the sanctuary increased total seating capacity to more than 800 people. Thirty existing stained glass panels were removed from their openings, restored by artisans using the original German glass, and re-installed in the expanded worship area.


Months of planning, budgeting, and value engineering produced savings of more than $200,000 that allowed the parish to include much needed repair work such as the full re-roofing, re-carpeting, furnishings, parking area light upgrades, and egress and energy management improvements.

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