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Each project is unique and has its own site-specific issues. Hazards and exposures can change daily, and vary during construction of different sizes and types of projects. This is why we participate, educate, and train our staff with the most current OSHA and ICRA standards.


Prime responsibility for the implementation of this program and the overall application and enforcement of OSHA standards is the responsibility of our General Superintendent, who is also a Certified OSHA Trainer. He ensures a safe work environment through budgeting, frequency and quality of meetings, and employee training. Our modification rate is indicative of the success of our program and serves as an incentive to maintain a high level of risk management.


Caldwell & Walsh believes construction site safety requires the commitment of all parties involved. Safety can be achieved through cooperative relationships between owners, contractors, subcontractors, designers, regulatory agencies, and insurance professionals. It is our policy to establish an effective safety program on every jobsite that provides mobility and access while guaranteeing minimal disruption.

These are just some of the safety measures we take:


• Train staff about current first aid techniques, protective equipment and clothing, products, regulations, and other pertinent information.


• Review the construction schedule prior to the start of each major phase of work and do a job hazard analysis indicative of potential hazards.


• Communicate with the owner/ facility manager for regular updates about scheduling and scope of work to avert potential safety and security infringements.


• Comply with safety and security standards set forth by the Owner.


• Safely store all material, tools and equipment within the confines of the work area.


• Indicate work areas with proper signage.


• Furnish protective equipment and barriers as necessary.


• Provide accommodations and provisions for site protection.


• Maintain a clean work area.


• Refrain from unsafe acts that may endanger the general public.


• Enforcement of safety rules and regulations by all persons entering upon or connected with the project.


• Execution of a safety agreement with Caldwell & Walsh by all subcontractors assuring their compliance with the Caldwell & Walsh safety program to perform their work in a neat and orderly fashion so as not to endanger others.

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