Caldwell & Walsh Building Construction, Inc.


Danbury Main Branch  |  Savings Bank of Danbury, Danbury Connecticut

Originally constructed in 1909, this building received an addition and renovation. The addition is a two story steel frame and block structure with a limestone exterior to match the existing period architecture. The addition was designed and built to accommodate a 100 year old Japanese Maple tree that was planted by the chairman’s father when the bank was originally built. To protect the tree, Caldwell & Walsh hired a horticulturist to ensure the health of the tree. The scope of work included mahogany paneling, granite work, new teller stations, and offices. A fifty year-old elevator that had been out of service was refurbished and made operable. Until this refurbishment, a conference room was unable to be accessed for nearly fifty years. Subsequently, the conference room and many pieces of the furniture were restored to their original grandeur. All construction was performed without interruption to daily banking operations.


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