Caldwell & Walsh Building Construction, Inc.

We tailor our services and teams to meet your needs and budget, providing the highest level of service in the most efficient manner. These are some of the services we provide:

  • Construction Management

    We take projects all the way from initial conception and design through construction and occupancy. At every phase of planning, design, and construction, our experienced teams work with clients to address their unique needs. With Caldwell & Walsh as your construction manager we can be invaluable with pre-planning, design, and construction expertise to assure the best project outcome.


    As construction manager, we act as the agent responsible for managing trade contractors and material purchases. We procure competitive pricing from qualified subcontractors and suppliers. Then selection recommendations are made based on qualification, cost and schedule.  Construction management offers the owner complete access to project accounting including construction manager profit throughout the entire job.


    In order to take full advantage of the services offered, the construction manager should be involved from the onset of design. Construction manager preconstruction services include the following: project scheduling, project budget, develop cost management procedures, coordinate design comments, review and advise on constructability, value engineering, life cycle costing, develop bidding procedures, coordinate permit process, assist in public relations, generate bidder interest, expedite bid document delivery, conduct pre-bid conferences, and perform bid evaluations.


    Construction manager responsibilities during the construction phase include: contract administration, management of the submittal process, conduct job site meetings, coordinate inspections and testing agencies, construction supervision, recommendations regarding non-conforming work, monitor and update construction schedules, review contractor payment requests, negotiate change order costs and time extensions, review contractor claims, receive and review operation and maintenance manuals.


    Probably the least thought about but equally important is post construction. These services include: assisting in obtaining an occupancy permit, procurement of as-built documents, orchestrating training sessions, completion of punch list items, and final project reports.

  • Design/Build

    Is your organization running out of space?


    Are your needs or services growing?


    Or maybe a look at your inventory lead you to consider a building addition or even a new modern facility?


    You need space and need it fast?


    Long gone are the days of a quick visit to the local building department for a permit. Today’s building projects require months of designing, planning and approvals from various regulatory boards and commissions at the local level before construction can begin. State and federal approvals may also be required, depending on the size and complexity of the project. In most projects time schedules are as important as price. Time frames for today’s projects continue to be reduced making it more difficult to employ a more traditional design-bid-build method.


    In order to address these requirements and produce a facility in a fast track manner, many owners are turning to design-build project delivery. Design-build allows an owner to wrap the design and construction services into one package. The benefits can be numerous and significant. They include having a single point of responsibility, allowing the owner to focus on decision making rather than coordinating designers and contractors, early knowledge of cost, and significant time and cost savings.

  • General Contracting

    By definition, a general contractor provides all the materials, labor, subcontractors, equipment and management necessary for the completion of a construction project. Whether a prominent university, healthcare, corporate, financial, retail, laboratory and research, religious, recreational or community facility, at Caldwell & Walsh we provide our clients with personalized service, bringing together the resources, expertise and leadership needed for the successful delivery of your commercial construction project.


    We are proud of the relationships we have developed with our subcontractors and partners. Together, we have the respect and mutual understanding needed to achieve our one common goal – a commitment to excellence that exceeds our client’s expectations. Our general contracting services include all day-to-day project administration including subcontractor management, quality control, safety adherence, on-site management, and comprehensive project reporting.

  • Financial Verification Auditing

    Our experience with the financial institutions we serve enables us to relate to their sense of financial security and responsibility. Their borrowers and contractors need adequate cash flow to facilitate their construction projects. In order to save time, resources, and worries, Caldwell & Walsh can be enlisted by a lender to provide financial verification reports, determining whether a contractor’s request for a draw against his account is timely and appropriate.


    Beginning with a jobsite visit and reviewing project documents we familiarize ourselves with the project.  At regular intervals, we review the requisitions for payment submitted and confirm that the work in the field is consistent with the payment request. At site visits, project details are recorded and an assessment is made about overall project progress. The scope of work is reviewed with respect to the construction documents and site conditions are photographed. Reports are provided to confirm the percentage of work-in-place, noting any deviation from the plans or budget that are perceived as a result of its inspections.


Our standard is excellence for the project in partnership with the client and design team.


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