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Sprung Structure – Telecom and IT Departments  | The Rockefeller University, New York, New York

The Rockefeller University faced a dilemma: it had to temporarily relocate its Telecom and IT Departments from their cramped and outdated location to allow for a much needed major building renovation. Relocate to where? Real estate on campus is tight, and the University required a solution that ensured its other critical campus projects could get underway without delay. In addition, the Telecom and IT Departments’ operations needed to continue seamlessly.


The school turned to Caldwell & Walsh and Sprung Structures to deliver the fastest semi-permanent building to house these critical departments on campus. Sprung Structures offers innovative, relocatable building options for semi-permanent and permanent applications that can be constructed more quickly than with conventional construction methods. The benefits are the speed of erection, flexibility of use and customization of engineering to meet the project’s needs without extensive design and engineering. Depending on site conditions, there may be few subsurface requirements. These features allow the end user to place their facility in operation in a much shorter time. In this case, the product fit the needs of the University and offered the perfect solution.


In conjunction with the project team, Caldwell & Walsh worked to ensure the design incorporated all the program requirements, while making certain the extremely aggressive schedule was never compromised. It was also important to minimize impact to the campus, along with providing logistical plan that expedited the construction. Caldwell & Walsh was able to coordinate with the owner and Sprung Structures to rapidly erect the structure, which allowed the balance of the trade work to be completed sooner than expected. Many of the conventional requirements of a typical project, such as mechanical, electrical, and associated architectural work, were included.


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