Caldwell & Walsh Building Construction, Inc.


Squash Courts  | Fordham University, Bronx, New York – Rose Hill Campus

As Construction Manager for Fordham University, Caldwell & Walsh worked diligently to construct a state-of-the art squash court facility funded by CitySquash, a not-for-profit youth program geared toward motivating talented young people from economically disadvantaged households to fulfill their academic, athletic and personal potential. The focus of the project was the conversion of five American hardball courts into four international courts. Each court has a viewing gallery from above and is lit with bright fluorescent lights. The most stunning new feature of the renovation is the two glass sidewalls that separate the courts. These semi-transparent walls provide a panoramic viewing area that is greatly enhanced from the previous design. Renovations also included electrical and fire alarm upgrades and new finishes to the athletic gym facility.


In addition to its functional importance, the renovation strengthened the bond between CitySquash and Fordham University.  By funding the renovation, CitySquash gained increased access to the courts and a free lease on the facility, ensuring they will have a home in the Bronx for at least the next 25 years.


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