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Our clients share their experience working with us. We are grateful for their support.

“What truly distinguishes Caldwell & Walsh is their ability to understand, and their willingness to work to achieve the overall strategic goals of the client, as well as our goals as architects. Whether this is a client’s scheduling imperative, or an unconventional construction detail of ours, Caldwell & Walsh always applies their best efforts, with enthusiasm, good humor, and with realism, to realizing that imperative or detail.”

Mitchell/Giurgola Architects, LLP


“I’ve worked with Caldwell & Walsh on many projects both large and small for the past 15 years. Their management structure and technical and organizational skills speak for themselves when it comes to project management. Regardless of the size of the project, their attention to detail and problem solving abilities result in final products delivered on time, within budget and without sacrifice. Required documentation was always accurate and on time.  For the past forty years I’ve worked with many contractors. Caldwell & Walsh always produces for us.”

Danbury Hospital


“I appreciate the flexibility and thoughtfulness of your field supervision, which recognizes the significance of maintaining temporary coverage in these fully occupied buildings. Your crew demonstrated their professionalism by turning potentially volatile situations into carefully sequenced, routine work. Your coordination was exemplary.”

Columbia University


“Caldwell & Walsh consistently present multiple solutions for problems encountered due to field conditions and are extremely thoughtful in negotiations with change order work. They also proactively identify issues that may be of concern regardless of whether or not the issue is in their scope (e.g. maintenance concerns). They are the fastest team I have worked with in resolving punch lists and providing project close out documentation which I greatly appreciate as I find this kind of efficiency is rare in this industry. Lastly, it is worth noting, they keep a tight, clean, work space, with all required postings, regardless of depth/breadth of construction.”

New York University


“It is rare in this industry to find a construction manager with the experience, personnel, ability, and track record they possess. We have always found our projects with Caldwell & Walsh to be professionally managed, safely run, and executed with great integrity and accuracy to our designs. Both their field and project management teams adhere to the highest professional standards, and communicate and share information with our staff in a timely and cooperative atmosphere.”

The Di Salvo Ericson Group

“The quality of Caldwell & Walsh’s workmanship, attention to safety and responsiveness has been superb. They are excellent to work with and a valued partner to the University.”

Fordham University


 “I’d like to applaud the fine contribution you made to the architectural landscape of New York and the Northeast. The diversity of projects that Caldwell & Walsh has delivered strongly confirms the soundness of the guiding principles from which your company works. Caldwell & Walsh has changed this campus for the better. We are grateful for the role your company has played in making our campus distinctive.”

Columbia University


“The quality of their product is unquestionable and their craftsmanship is among the best I’ve seen. In addition to that, Caldwell’s Superintendents and Project Managers have been among the best I have worked with. They are experts in their field but as important, extremely sophisticated and manage with aplomb. Caldwell & Walsh provides excellent meeting documentation including in depth meeting notes, detailed RFI and submittal logs, up to date scheduling and financial summaries, highlighting all topics of interest to an owner. Their attention to detail has made my job easier and as such they have become the standard bearer of documentation I ask of all my teams.”

New York University


“Caldwell & Walsh always seeks to bring a solution to the table to solve any problem that arises. It is a pleasure to work with a firm that is focused on serving the needs of their client and maintaining a long term relationship.”

Stamford Hospital


“Having no prior experience of working alongside Caldwell & Walsh, I was, in all fairness, skeptical at the beginning of this project; it was no small undertaking. Subsequent to the beginning of construction, any fears were swiftly buried, and a new relationship was constructed. Caldwell & Walsh proved to be well organized from the earliest stages of pre-construction, with the coordination meetings of all appropriate subcontractors, city building inspectors, administrative staff, project team members, etc. This level of organization and thoroughness continued throughout the entire project.”

The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital





“We are very proud of the projects we have completed and the high standard of quality and finish that was achieved by the Caldwell & Walsh team. Their technical knowledge and experience with complex construction projects was a significant factor contributing to the success of these projects. Throughout each of the projects, the Caldwell & Walsh staff has been professional, reliable, dedicated, ethical and extremely capable. They truly have met or exceeded our expectations.”

Greenwich Hospital


“They were exceedingly sensitive to operating in a public institution, and made sure they and their subs did not disturb the visitor experience.  The project team  was extremely responsive to us as the owners, and continually sought ways to minimize costs. They are big enough to be fully capable and small enough to offer the personal touch that we really valued.”

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk


“Regardless of the size of the project, excellent site supervision is provided along with exceptional head officer support.  We have observed a consistency of sub trades from project to project which in part explains the high level of workmanship. It also speaks volumes regarding the working relationships and loyalty Caldwell & Walsh promotes, and the fairness they impart in their business dealings.”

John Marinelli Architects


“This was a very complicated project and could have gotten off track very easily, but due to the excellent project management of Caldwell & Walsh that did not happen. Most importantly, Caldwell & Walsh remained on the job even after the work was completed to confirm that project outcomes met our expectations.”

St. Catherine of Siena Church


“When we decided to undertake this project, we were introduced to Caldwell and Walsh along with several other construction management firms. While all were well qualified, your team demonstrated the professionalism and management skills we were seeking. Together, we embarked on this large project, and over the project’s construction life, I realized how fortunate we were to have your firm part of our team. We were pleased with the constant search for cost and time-saving ideas which resulted in the delivery of an outstanding office building.”

Silvermine Development Corporation





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