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Southbury Branch  |  Union Savings Bank, Southbury, Connecticut

The project featured here is one that lent itself perfectly to a design/build delivery. At the start, this ideal location was considered, but was not thought to be a workable site. The location is a premier property along a major intersection in Southbury that borders the Pomperaug River, and required sensitivity to three neighboring sites. A local real estate agent contacted Caldwell & Walsh to evaluate the situation. Along with the architect a preliminary site evaluation was performed and it was determined that with careful planning, the site would in fact work.


Caldwell & Walsh teamed with the architect to continue to work with the client, town and neighborhood to find solutions to make the site and road workable. This collaboration proved to be a win-win for the former property owner as well as the client and design/build team. With site selection, development, and construction complete within a year, the project met an accelerated schedule, budget, and has all the elements of functionality sought by the client.  This full-service branch office includes a teller line, offices, conference center, and drive-thru.


The final touch was the copper cupola. Raised into place by crane, all of the steel connections and support structures for the cupola had to be in perfect position with no room for error for proper installation. Fortunately it paid off because the cupola was installed without a hitch.


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